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Dehydrated alfalfa in big bales

Dehydrated alfalfa with a maximum of 12%, moisture, packed at high pressure. DYCASA´s dehydration eliminates any contamination and keeps the quality of the alfalfa for a longer time, preserving the nutritional properties of alfalfa such as proteins, fiber, vitamins and minerals. The high quality vegetable protein improves the quality of milk and meat.


  • 100% Alfalfa
  • Size: 750-800 kg
  • Length: 2,20-2,3 mts
  • Width: 1,00- 1,10 mts
  • Height: 0,80 mts
  • Fiber Length:
    • Long Fiber: 10 cm
    • Short Fiber: 4-6 cm

producto alfalfa

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*Spanish Association of Alfalfa Dehydrators Classification

DYCASA´s dehydrated alfalfa advantages

Less costs in the unifeed, more productivity

Less % of water, more % of nutrients

Better hygienic and phytosanitary quality

More durability

Double removal of stones

Dehydrated alfalfa in pellets

Dehydrated alfalfa milled and pressed into pellets. The vegetable protein of alfalfa is of high quality, so that this source of protein improves the quality of milk, eggs and meat. They are perfect for the preparation of compound feed and pre-mixes, especially focused on sheep, goats, rabbits, and horses. The crude protein percentage is over 16 % and the diameter of the pellets is from 6 to 9 mm

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Other products

Dehydrated ryegrass/fescue in bales

raygrassDehydrated and pressed forages in bales. Pleasant to the palate with a green colour.

Thanks to its nutritional composition with highly digestible fiber, proteins and minerals, it is commonly used as a supplement in TMR (Total Mix Ration) mixtures.

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